Millions of happy sleeps. Explore our website promotion!
Millions of happy sleeps. Explore our website promotion!
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Warranty Description

This warranty is only extended to the original purchaser from Englander and is non-transferable. Original proof of purchase and delivery order will be required to make a warranty claim.

What is covered by Englander 10 year Limited warranty?

Englander mattress carry a 10 year limited warranty period.

For the first 2 years from the date of delivery, Englander will at its option replace or repair an Englander mattress due to manufacturing defects at no charge (excluding transportation charge).

After the first two years upon the date of delivery, any replacement or repair of Englander mattress will be calculated by the total number of years owned multiplied by 1/12th per year of the prevailing list price, plus transportation.

If identical material are not available at the time of repair or replacement, Englander reserves the right to substitute comparable materials or models and does not guaranteed that the replacement will match the existing or original piece.

This warranty is extended ONLY to the original purchaser and his/her delivery address. This warranty is ONLY valid with the original purchaser from Englander Gallery, Authorised Dealers or selected concessionaires. Englander will honour ONLY one delivery address. In the event of a change of address, the original purchaser must update his/her new address with Englander via phone or email in order to continue to enjoy Englander warranty coverage. The delivery of Englander mattress from point A to point B must be handled by Englander delivery teams to ensure the validity of the warranty.

What is excluded under Englander Warranty?

          • Normal Body impressions of 38mm or less.    
          • Mattress fabric (including stains, soiling or burns)
          • Border Wires, which runs along the perimeter of the mattress, bent due to moving or folding the mattress.          
          • Damage due to abuse or improper care such as mattress with inadequate support from a weak, mismatching size base or an improper bed frame, namely nest type and wooden rail type.
          • Mattress size that is within the tolerance level of ±2cm in width and length.
          • Mattress height, comfort or firmness preference of the product
          • Bending, standing or jumping on the mattress.
          • Dust mites and bed bugs.
          • Product that is obtained other than through an authorized Englander retailer.
          • Merchandise sold “as-in”, “distressed” or floor model”.
          • Transportation, inspection or removal cost of product.