Millions of happy sleeps. Explore our website promotion!
Millions of happy sleeps. Explore our website promotion!
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About us


IT WAS 1894.

Max Englander woke up, stretched his arms and said, 

“Time to change the world.”

Since our founder set sights on designing a better sleep experience, we’ve made mattresses that have delivered millions of nights of happy sleep.

We're Englander Sleep Products. We believe in better sleep by design.

Since 1894, we’ve been making comfortable mattresses built to last. Bench-made using timeless techniques and proven materials. Nothing fake. Nothing overly fancy. Simple and beautiful mattresses you’d be comfortable giving to your mom.


Max Englander founded the Englander Mattress Company in New York City in 1894 with a purpose clear: hand-craft comfortable, long-lasting mattresses most everyone could afford.

Throughout WWI, Englander provided countless “Red Cross Mattresses.” They were hand-made. Comfortable. And contributed to making Englander a household name.


As the 1930’s came to a close, mattress making was changing. Englander insisted on tailoring beds by hand and began developing a craftsman-first manufacturing process in which human artistry, skill and care guided any work performed by machines. It's a unique process Englander still uses today.

In the 1950’s, Englander partnered with Goodyear to produce the industry’s first latex “airfoam” mattresses. And in 1957 introduced the famous “Tension-Ease” line of mattresses, showcasing the company’s first highly refined innerspring coils. With these two components, Englander now had the simple tools, that, decades of refinement later, are still used to create today’s most unique, comfortable, long-lasting mattresses.


By the 2000’s, Englander became one of the top five mattress manufacturers in the United States, remarkably still making beds by hand.



With other mattress companies marketing complicated and confusing mattress technology, Englander does what Max Englander would have done: introduce a small line of mattresses built in a simple, craftsman-first process using the refined latex and specialized coils we’ve spent decades perfecting.

THE RESULT:  the most unique, easy to understand, comfortable and durable mattresses ever made.